SCHOOL building
辦學背景 Background

因受德士古道改建工程影響,荊冕堂需拆卸重建。至2002年新堂建成,幼稚園服務亦隨即展開,為區內的小朋友提供優質的教育。此外,亦得蒙高傑德醫生對幼稚園教育的支持,為紀念其先夫而為幼稚園取名士德 ( SADICK譯音)幼稚園,『士』解作讀書人,『德』解作德行。希望每一位小朋友都成為有德行有智慧的人。

Established in 1972 SKH Crown of Thorns Church Sadick Kindergarten is formerly known as ‘SKH Crown of Thorns Church Kindergarten’. Due to the reconstruction work in Texaco Road, the Crown of Thorns Church was demolished with the building of the new Church completed in 2002. Soon after the completion, the Kindergarten regained its role as a pre-primary institution, offering quality early-childhood education to children in the region. In appreciation of Dr. Kathleen Ko for her support towards early-childhood education, the Kindergarten has been named after her husband Sadick. The transliteration ‘士德’ has been adopted in its Chinese name, in which ‘士’ means ‘scholars’, and ‘德’ means ‘virtue’, to wish every of the centre’s children wisdom and high moral qualities.


辦學宗旨 Mission


In the name of Jesus’ love, SKH Crown of Thorns Church Sadick Kindergarten offers quality education to:

  • Develop the potential of the children and nurture their imagination and creativity;
  • Help the children to build up a positive outlook on life and teach them love, gratitude and forgiveness;
  • Nurture the children’s moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic and spiritual development in an environment of love and happiness.